Vita Rosa

Vita Rose is a beautiful flower arrangement of roses being preserved by using special preserving methodologies which will maintain the beauty of your space for long time which is not less than three years.

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Rose known as the symbol of love, harmony and peace by many people in the world. Vita rose which is a beautiful flower arrangement concept of France. Aurea 213 want to fills everybody’s life with happiness and that is why it has introduced the concept of vita rose which is natural preserved flowers in japan.
A famous Italian designer based in Monaco has beautifully arranged these natural preserved flowers by keeping in mind about the Japanese design sensibility.

This unique and beautiful concept is a part of Olga Collection Vita rose which is personally supervised and recommended by the Greek princess Olga Isabel for foreign countries.
These beautiful collection of Vita roses are available at Aurea 213 for sales in japan and overseas.

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The Preserved Flowers

These flowers are dried for long time by using special preserving methods and then maintained by special processing colors to add on more beauty to the flowers.
Preserved means save or retained. Different innovative technologies are used to keep these flowers preserved for a long time which includes coloring,removing color
moistures , keeping the texture of the flower soft and original along with the maintaining of the freshness of the flower for a long time.


aurea-Vita Rosa